Exhibition Catalogue

Karl Foerster Neue Wege – Neue Gärten

Editors: Heidi Howcroft & Thomas Steller.

194 pages, 200 illustrations, 20 Essays in German

Euro 24,80

Publishers: Monumente Publikationen (...

Garden Style A Book of Ideas

A new book born out of the desire to explore and share the breadth of styles of private outdoor spaces, so that everyone can create their personal paradise in which plants and people flourish.

In the ever-changing world of garden design anything goes, whether inspired by the past or looking to the future. Choosing what suits your space can be a daunting prospect and everyone, even the professionals, needs help to realize opportunities and create outdoor spaces in tune with their personal...

Luxembourg Land of Roses

Yesterday’s roses inspiring today’s gardens

Heidi Howcroft & Marianne Majerus

Today the focus is on English roses but at the end of the 19th century rose lovers and nurseries from Russia to Argentina, the USA to China and all points in between looked to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for inspiration. This book explores this fascinating history and how today’s rose enthusiasts have rediscovered their heritage, unearthed old roses and enriched their surroundings. The results are astonishing and show Luxembourg in a new light. Eight...