On tour in the US with The English Manner, October

View above the WSAV-TV’s “The Southern Scene” with the Seeds & Weeds Garden Club’s president, Corinne Brown

For the first time Heidi will be touring the US in the fall talking to Garden Clubs in Virginia and Georgia about English garden styles and women gardeners, and presenting her two books “Garden Design A Book of Ideas” and First Ladies of Gardening” as well as an exciting garden tour designed in collaboration with The English Manner.

  • Tuesday, October 21 10:00 am Hillside Garden Club, Lynchberg, VA, Talk “ The English Garden”

  • Wednesday, October 22 10:00 am Roanoke Garden Club, VA, Talk “ The English Garden”

  • Tuesday, October 27 10:00 am Seeds and Weeds Garden Club, Coastal Georgia Center, 305 Fahm Street, Savannah, GA 31401. Talk "First Ladies of Gardening", a fundraiser to support community projects.

Seeds & Weeds, Savannah
Photograph taken by Corinne Browne, President of Seeds & Weeds, Savannah
Georgia Coastal Center
Book signing at the Georgia Coastal Center after the talk , photograph Royceann Friedman